Judith Virág

I have known Tina for about the past five years. Through some mutual friends at a garden party she had demonstrated Kangoo Jumps to us. I had an opportunity to try the boots and I thought this “thing” is just too much fun. The next step was to join one of Tina’s classes. Well, for the beginning I had no idea what I was doing but I worked up a sweat like never before in my life. I was hooked. I just kept going back and trying harder and harder to follow the steps. In 4 months I lost 25 lbs. Kangoo Jumps is just the workout for me. It is fun, fast and the boots can be used for other exercises. Tina has demonstrated them all and her classes are unique and well worth it for anyone looking for a different work out. 

Diana Antal

I have started doing KANGOO 3 years ago in Hungary, Budapest. I fell in love at first sight! And I was so sad when I had to stop because we moved to Canada. Well, as time passed I have started to miss some things from my life back home, I missed my teammates, my instructor... It was a hard time for me.

And last year at the end of summer I found Tina with help of J.V.! I was so HAPPY!

I'm so glad you are part of my canadian life!

And the end of all, KANGOO is a pure fun. I really love to do it!

Bounce, bounce like a little KANGOOroo :)

Julia Hasegan

"I first heard about Kangoo Jumps from a Romanian friend. As soon as I saw these boots I thought I had to try them. So I decided to look up Kangoo Jumps in Calgary, which is how I found out about Tina. I started going to Tina’s classes about three months ago and I haven’t missed a class. I absolutely love these boots! I get an amazing workout and I have to say there’s nothing I look forward to more than Tina's classes. My energy level has gone up drastically and I feel fantastic. Tina’s classes are not just like any other routine exercises. The upbeat music makes you want to keep going and going. I have such a great time I even forget that I’m working out. I now look forward to the warm weather so I can take my kangoo’s outside!"

Malina Sterea

When I first heard about kangoo jumps, I was a little skeptical and the boots seemed so strange to me. But after the first class with Tina, my opinion changed radically: after almost one hour of jumping and moving around and - actually -having lots of fun exercising on music, I told myself that I could become addicted to this... I feel so restored and revitalized after each class; my joints are in much better shape, my knees don't hurt when I bent, my body is invigorated and even my PMS is much alleviated.

Doing kangoo jumps, I feel happier and healthier and I don't even consider this as an exhausting physical exercise, but as a fun form of aerobic. As Tina says, you can GET FIT HAVING FUN 

Eva Pasko

"I tried a Kangoo class for the first time with Tina in May 2011.  It wasn't the easiest at first, but in 2-3 classes I managed to work out all the way to the end of class.  I began by working out once a week, then progressed to 2-3 times per week.  I am very impressed with the results!  I lost 12 kg (25 lbs)!   I now feel like I am in better shape which led to improved endurance and an overall feeling of well being.  I sleep a lot better too.  I highly recommend the class to all levels as I certainly enjoy it a lot." 

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